The storage of petrol may ignite Fire resulting in environmental damage and health effects or fatalities.

Petrol Station – Fuel storage and Fire Risks

India currently has 63,674 petrol pumps.

Tips to avoid Fire at Petrol Station.

  1. Ensure ALL tanks are maintained on a regular basis ensuring the dip and fill point caps.
  2. Ensure dispense pumps are adequately maintained and monitored.
  3. Perform regular dipping for water using water finding paste. Water finding paste is a water detection product used to aid in the detection of water within fuel supplies.
  4. If water is detected in your tanks, a qualified contractor should be used to remove the water and advise on methods to minimise recurrence.
  5. Ensure your tanks and entire site is compliant to regulations
  6. Put an upgrade plan in place if tanks and pipework are older or made of steel,
  7. Ensure all staff are adequately trained
  8. Identify hazardous areas and control all sources of ignition – use appropriate warning and hazard signs.

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