Bad posture can permanently damage the spinal structure, leading to severe chronic pain & Lower back pain.

This can lead to severe health conditions which could end up costing a massive health bill.

Almost 80% of employees will have back problems at some point in their life.

Tips to avoid back pain:

  1. Good posture relaxes muscles and requires minimum balance.
    When standing, slightly elevate one foot if possible.
    When seated, leave feet flat on the floor and use a chair with back support or a small pillow or rolled towel at the base of your back.
  2. Take Breaks – Take three to five minutes every hour to get up, walk around and stretch.
  3. Your spine should be in line with the back of your chair, which should be tilted back a little bit, at about a 110-degree angle.
  4. Use Proper Chairs
    Standard office chairs are adjustable and have foot rests which can be adjusted to a proper level with the desk and computer.
  5. Exercise Regularly – Exercise like yoga has relaxation techniques that can help relax your shoulder, neck and back muscle.
  6. Always sit Straight.

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